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First single from the upcoming Anecdata album 'But Her Emails...'


lost my memory, remember 10/11
let's add it all up, it's never clever ever

up in my tower, it's made of ivory
and a little bribery

what do you mean i called putin a good guy?
we haven't played golf

never clever ever, i can't be the one
puppet of the kremlin, just a hired gun

never clever ever, always be outdone

never clever ever

don't cover it up, i want the world to know
you lie all the time
it's never clever ever

don't fuck it up now

i didn't want it, but now i have it so
you're gonna pay

never clever ever, i can't be the one
pulling all the purse strings, i'm a bastard son

never clever ever, i can't be the one

never clever ever

never clever ever, killing all the fun
sucking on big business, fucking everyone

never clever ever, north korea's won
isis on the upswing, fucked in the long run

nazis in the white house, brains are in the bin
lies are the new black now, orange anakin

never clever ever, evil never wins

never clever ever


from Never Clever Ever / Are You Feeling Stupid?, released May 12, 2017
Written, recorded, mixed and mastered D Satherley / Anecdata, Feb-May 2017.




Anecdata Auckland, New Zealand

BUT HER EMAILS... It's #TheResistance, but in semi-musical form.

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